New Artwork: Breaking Free

a.s. First off, this piece is not new. To you guys, yes. I waited way too long to post this piece online and now that I managed to remember, well, here we are.
When amanda_sanchez_ mentioned to me she was looking for a custom made canvas and wanted me to do it, I was all in…

But first let me explain to you, how horrible I am.
I started this canvas, and as usual had no idea what I wanted to paint. Amanda mentioned she wanted a piece that represented her and the new changes in her life, breaking free.
Sounds easy right?
I started the painting and the first thing that came to mind was a bird cage, not only can does it represent her escape, but it could also be beautiful and vintage. Two characteristics I adore.
I barely made a dent.
Im the type of artist that hates to drop my work, once I start, I better finish. Not only do I lose focus, I get disinterested and if I pick it up again, I only mess it up, with the final product looking nothing like I had invisioned in the first place. Then I hate it.
You guys guessed it. I ended up putting down the paintbrush,and it took me about 8 months or so(probably more) to pick it back up again.
I suck,I suck, I know.
I felt soooo bad,and the last thing I wanted to do was leave a bad impression. I love what I do, I want my work to reflect that. I appreciate every single person who messages me for commission pieces. I am forever grateful.
Enough was enough. I got to work and forced myself to finish. My draft was ugly and dingy, ew what was I doing?
But once I started getting into it, I thought about what she would like,she doesn’t seem a fan of too many colors,simplicity and elegance, I can do that.
Long dark locks to match hers,it slowly started to come together.
Hints of purple and silver and gold glitter to make her gown pop. I loved it.
I loooooved it to the point that I wanted to refund her deposit so I can keep it. Lol
I didn’t though… I’m not that bad.
I’m good,I promise.
To help make up for my irresponsibility and timing, I granted her remaining balance to be waived.
So she got this piece, suuuuuuuuuuuper cheap,almost free.
I headed to her place to drop off the piece to a family friend since she was at work, and once she finally got to see it, she was ecstatic.
I was so relieved!

Thank you so much Amanda for your understanding and especially patience.
Enjoy you’re new baby

Until next time guys.

2013-12-02 19.52.32

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