Journal Entry: Goodbye, Anger.

e29da874c3f47059f4de1d68b2f3f7c3I don’t want to live my life Angry anymore,
mad at the world and it’s beings.
I feel the growth inside of me,
wanting to get out.
At times I may look at my reflection and see the young teenager I used to be.
I am her no longer.
I am no longer lost,
no longer hunting for affection that will always come from wrong places,
or  worse people.
I don’t want to be jealous,
fighting for my non irrelevant opinions to be heard,
at the end of it all, each person is their own world.
See,  though I may  have so much more left to grow,
I sense at my own will,
my soul trying to reach out.
I want to live a calm and peaceful life.
I want my heart and my passions to shine through my physical being.
I want to laugh, ridiculously.
I want to serve a better purpose either than myself.
I want to nurture those that may need an extra push.
I  want to be a beautiful woman,
but not the beautiful that only eyes can see.
I want my inner core to be full of faith,
I am starting to see that all my past anger, can lead to only more misery.
So it all comes down to this,
I forgive you.
you may think it’s for your benefit,
but I promise you,
it’s for mine.
For I am free of you,
  and I no longer wish to lead a life full of anger.

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