Love Warrior; Too Fly Art Show

Love-Warriror-Flyer_blog1Most of my outings happen straight after work, let’s face it. This time I headed to  Williamsburg to attend Too Fly‘s Show titled ” Love Warrior“.

I already knew my X-men buddies were going to be in attendance & I was ready to mingle.2Too Fly is an absolute sweetheart. I admitted to  her that, we have been in many venues at the same time, I just never really bothered to say hi. I hit a lot of venues, and depending on my mood, I’m not always the first one to approach someone else.

I just start snapping away.

She told me she recognized me as well, and we immediately hit it off. Talking about friends in common and travels to Ecuador, which is where she’s living at now.

Long trip from home.

3Her work was beautiful and feminine, like it usually is. The details on the roses were exquisite and  the T- shirts and hoodies that were on sale were awesome. 4 5 6 7Pencil Print 8Circa 95 & Toofly 9 10 11 12Millie (with her husband Troy, and a long time friend and ex coworker to me) was in charge of the beverages, and I couldn’t be more excited. Her coquitos “Mi Isla” are so delicious. This time I got to try the Pumpkin Pie and Red Velvet.

I absolutely fell in love with the Pumpkin Pie and told her to save me a bottle.

Since I was going to be going to my brother’s house later on, I didn’t want o show up empty handed. 13These wooden rings were the cutest thing ever and were painted and designed by Toofly herself.14 15 16Crooklyn’s Chula ♥ 17This wooden logo was a pin on the one of the hoodies that I just found irresistible.  18I think the broken pieces of cardboard behind the pieces gave it character, almost making the work jump up at you. 19Caught Millie, looking stunning behind her coquito stand. 20Post card Prints with a Dia De Los Muertos feel. 21This piece had to be one of my favorites. Even though she’s covered so you cant see her face, you can tell she’s absolutely beautiful and has a sense of pride and power by how intense her eyes are. She’s just staring at your soul. 22It was a cute show, it started to get busier once I started to head out. I got to meet some new friends and catch up with some old ones. No complaints from me.

Congrats on a great show TooFly.

♥, minx

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