Walking Through the City

10d731f5335892c5b8481294c5d403a0a 2Walking through the City after the pop up shop with Q, I picked him up from work and wanted to surprise with a little bar time. After some good burgers, pizza and weird beer around St. Mark’s place we had some  “us” time and decided to take a stroll around the city.

Sometimes one of the greatest pleasures is holding your person’s hand, breathing in some fresh air and being lovey dubby with each other, and that’s exactly what we did.

It also goes to show, that no matter how many art events I go to, sometimes the art in the streets is what catches your eye the most.

The first image on this post is by artist Cali Killa, and I caught this baby right when I left the pop up shop and made left on Rivington.3This wall is all so ever popular and it’s constantly being changed and blessed by many different artist with all kinds of different visions. This piece on East Houston was bold and vibrant and had so much going on. I noticed a father taking pictures with his young daughter, while she ran and played and he captured images of her. I of course offered to take a pictured of them both, and once he agreed the little girl got so shy on me!

The picture came out absolutely adorable and I hope they liked it as much as I did.4My Mr.Minx and I roamed around Bowery and made some turns we normally never really walk through, and found these beauties: 5Sir Shadow‘s artwork (pictured above) is  jazz inspired and here’s the hitter, its all one continuous line. Which means once his pen hits that paper, or in this case, wall it never comes up for air until the whole image is finished.6André Saraiva is a graffiti artist from Paris who is well known for his stick figures with top hats known as Mr.A.7Q ended up making some random 15 second friends when these girls came rushing in asking to hop in the picture. Q’s face was priceless as you can obviously tell  from the confusion you see above.

After the click they scurried along while yelling how cool he was. Q just ended up looking at me all worried and says ” babe, I was scared, I thought you were gonna beat them up”.

I couldn’t help but to crack up.

 The Betty Page store has been haunting me ever since I knew it was going to open up, and I have YET, managed to make my way into the store. I have passed it numerous of times, and it never fails, either I’m in a rush somewhere, or it’s night time and it’s already closed.

Just my luck. I did however manage to take a peek inside through the window, and one of these days, i promise you I’ll be in there, struttign my stuff in my not so 50’s style body.

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

8All in all, it was good, smooth night with a good, smooth man.

Don’t forget that art is never far, take a walk around your city, make a turn you never turned before. You’ll never know what gem you’ll find that just might inspire you, or let alone make you feel good.

Later my loves.

♥, minxie

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