Ladies Project Presents: Holiday 2013 Pop Up Shop

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Last year I attended Ladies Love Project 2012 for the first time, so when I saw it was being held again, I couldn’t resist.

The Ladies Love Project is a collaboration between artists Toofly, Patty Dukes & Reph and A.Mari. They aim to create inspiring environments for women artists where they can celebrate their creative styles in Art, Fashion and Music.

(Above) That’s Millie from Mi Isla Coquitos. Which are absolutely delicious and come in many flavors, from the traditional coconut, to gingerbread, red velvet, cookies n creme and so many more flavors.3The pop-up shop, pays homage to markets, and every table had a mini world of their own.4The festivities began at 12 and lasted until 8pm. I arrived much much later around 6pm, since my Saturdays mean that’s the only time I get to catch up on sleep. Q headed to work, which lead me on my adventure all alone. 5Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna miss having his witty remarks next to my snarky ones. But I was pretty content having some time to myself. 6I got to meet new artists and reunite with ones I have already met and know. Chit chatted and caught up on life and new projects. 7Look at these cute onesies for instance ♥ How adorable!♥ 8There was even food, one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

Crooklyns Chula provided pastries and her pumpkin pie was too delish!9There was art in all sorts of types and paper was not forgotten.10

Origami 2 go has a lot of patience to make these beautiful little creatures taking the Japanese art to a delightful level.

11DIY jewelry has never seen anything like , which is run by the cutest duo team, you guessed it Jae and Jess, from New Jersey and Queens.12 13 14Dominican Artist Giselle Nunez popularized in portraits, mostly iconic hip hop artists, like Biggie, Jay-z and Rihanna.15

Seeone art displayed a collection of t-shirts, tote bags, prints and necklaces, which all have his graffiti element to the twist.

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Cha Cha Covers had the most wonderful nail art yet. This fad is here to stay, so why not have something that actually represents you.

Hmmm.. how about Frida Kahlo, Wutang, The Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd?22 23 24Germusu are just that, germs…. and the prettiest parasites at that.

Ps. They’re pouches!25

Sexer is not only talented with his urban graffiti background added to his work, but he’s such a sweetheart, and it was a pleasure bumping into him again. 26 27Smoke and Ash is organic company that makes natural wooden candle holders.

How pretty.28Toofly‘s table was full of mini canvases on easels, t-shirts, buttons, postcards and figures. This pop up shop was a nice flea market type of event that made you admire all the hard work one can put into their craft. No matter what it may be.

That’s something I think anyone of us can admire.

I wish all of these artists and their work, the best success.

until next year!

, Minx


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