Lidia’s Babyshower

2db05f1355b357f64c2c4a11057a8c33e1My cousin Lidia is celebrating the coming of her first child….awwwww.

And it’s girl!3Look how pretty her cake is!

Can you tell how much she lves leopard print?

I ended up getting her the cutest little leopard print shoes with a gold bow in the front, her first pink thermos and a cute snuggly one piece pajama set, that I wish they made in my size.6Look how gorgeous my Godmother looks. 7Then men ended up playing a babyshower game where they had to suck a plastic baby out of a cup full of ice and later scream out “My water broke!”

Winner received a prize and it was my Uncle Junior ( with the red shirt).8One of the best things about this night, to my surprise was that I got to see my grandmother.

My Mother’s mother lives in the Dominican Republic, and I almost never get to see her unless she pays us a visit every other couple of years or so. She’s the sweetest and most gentle soul ever and I had no idea she was even in New York.

Bad grand daughter, I know!9She also got to meet Q for the first time ever, and he adored her. They kept giving each other hugs the whole night.

I told her I definitely am trying to plan a trip to D.R. for April, and when asking if I could come over, she looked at me like I didn’t even have to ask.

♥ 10I also got to goof off with my cousins Melanie and Janneice, both who lives in Massachusettes and the other in West bubble fuck, I don’t even know, she’s always roaming. But I do know I missed them and I was so happy to be skipping around and annoying them the whole night.

11Something that I could do, since I arrived in cute heels and all, and after a few minutes I was like, fuck this! I took my little black ankle boots out of my back and started running around the whole place. I used to wear heels religiously, now, I could care less, unless they have a nice chunky heel and platform for me to lean on…. ay, I’m getting old.21My godfather, grandmother and mother.12The not so much baby cousins anymore. Growing up too quick.15My aunt Clara is always calling Q “Wesley”

hahaha since day one, because he looks like Wesley Snipes.

(He’s gonna kill me  if he reads this)13Why am I like the tiniest one out of everyone though?14My sister Jula looking as beautiful as ever. I miss her sooooo much. She needs to start paying me more visits, I don’t care that we’re in different boroughs!16My father got caught while playing the babyshower game,

yes… all the men had to wear cute pink bibs! 17Q and my godmother, she loooooves Q, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.19My sister with her sister Giana, it was great seeing her too, since I almost never get to hang out with her 18201This babyshower was just the dose that I needed to get some family loving. I got to dance with my uncles, my brothers, my cousins and Q

( yes, he can dance some merengue and bachata)

Once I get on that dance floor, I almost never sit back down. Q had to beg me to stop for a little while, You slacking boo!

I had such a good time and I want to wish my cousin Lidia all the best in the newest chapter, Mother Hood. I know that little girl in your life is going to be so blessed to have you as a mom. It might be crazy at times, but know that you have the best village to help you, you’re family.

Love you Lid!

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