Black Capital Coalition Presents: Rap For Life

3bd4257b905d5d09e28d51cc267e56f692The other day Misha and I met up to head to an art event, like that’s news to you guys!

I don’t know if I ever explained to you guys why I like attending events like this. Not only is is great for networking purposes but you get to meet the most rarest people. And you never know, one of these gems may be a future hit, and what’s better than being there and supporting other artist follow their dreams from the beginning.

This event wasn’t like the usual events I attend. Though there were many works displayed in the background, this as more of a social. The opportunity to actually speak face to face and discuss issues at hand.

The artists/rappers we got to meet, were not only insightful, but hilarious as well.


1. Gentrification:

When “urban renewal” of lower class neighborhoods with condos attracts yuppie tenants, driving up rents and driving out long time, lower income residents. It often begins with influxes of local artists looking for a cheap place to live, giving the neighborhood a bohemian flair. This hip reputation attracts yuppies who want to live in such an atmosphere, driving out the lower income artists and lower income residents, often ethnic/racial minorities, changing the social character of the neighborhood.


I know Misha and I had a great time. Especially since it’s so rare to actually have a decent conversation with others now a days. Everything is online, from twitter, to facebook and instagram, the internet has taken over.

When we arrived rapper Sincere Davinci had the floor to himself, no matter how many people were in the room. He just had that personality that drew you to him. The whole vibe was very inviting and conversations, both about the topic at hand and others were an ear opener.6

The Topic was gentrification and I for one thing was ready to listen. I never really stopped to think about something like this. And it was refreshing to see so many people around my age, have a thought and say in any matter that has to do with our communities, no matter where we live, you or me.

7There was discussion of hip hop, style, the artists explain who others perceive them and how they started and what they are trying to accomplish.

8I have to admit, I walked in there blind. I have never heard any of their music, lyrics, versus, anything before. So listening to them speak before hand made me want to do my homework more. I was not disappointed.

I of course have my favorite, which I would fail to mention, but they all have such distinct styles.

9I also got to meet Jose Castillo, who’s the owner and Creative Director of 3rd Eye Sol, that’s the name of the gallery/location, in case you guys haven’t picked that up yet.

I have passed this place many times on my commute back home, which goes to show you guys, I’m not that far from the gallery. 🙂

Jose was an absolutely sweetheart, who Misha introduced me to, since she had the chance to interview him for an upcoming project for Atomicus Films Studio. Which I’m sure you guys will see if you follow Misha on her website.10I have to say these mannequins were awesome and I was kind of jealous, because I’ve been trying to get my hands on a few for the longest time and have always failed.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t really put my one hundred percent into it.

Boooooo, I suck I know.13Well, I hope you guys enjoy the pics and the videos.

I know the vids are a little long, but the conversations couldn’t go unnoticed and I’m glad I took the time out to put them up.11I had a great time, and I hope, since I’m not that far and all, this won’t be the last time.

(crosses fingers)12

See you guys next time, and please, don’t be shy, click on some links and make some new friends, you never know who’s talent you will like unless you give them them a try.

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Duk Duk Goose – @dukgoose

Chaz Vanqueen – @chazvanquuen

Yafreici Peralta@yafreici

Sincere Davinci@sinceredavinci

Rap for life was presented and organized by the Black Capital Coalition.  If you would like to know more about the origin of Rap For Life, please free to click on their website above. There are and will be many more discussions to be presented by Black Capital Coalition.