Never Made Its


Here’s another round up of my Never made Its. Those random pictures that just never seemed to make it to a post of their own.

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Let’s begin!
DSC06898Look how spiffy Q looks. We decided to play dress up while shopping at Urban Outfitters.. hehehe, Q looks like a Pipe Cleaner from Mary Poppins.DSC06899Apparently I look like a Pilgrim, good thing Thanksgiving is coming soon.

I have no set plans yet, but most likely I’ll be going to my grandmother’s house. I’m pretty sure Q wants me to go to his family’s house, since I didn’t go last year. But I don’t know, I guess I’ll see soon enough.DSC06903The other day, Marlene, Kat and I headed to 1-2-3 Burgers to grab some, you guessed it, Burgers and beers to catch up on life. Well, Kat and I got beers and burgers, since Marlene is pregnant! Ah, I’m so excited for her. She’s having a little girl for her first born.

Kat introduced me to a beer named ‘Angry Orchard’ which I happened to fell in love with!

Its was like a an apple cider with kick of buzz in it, not to mention the 8 burgers I had and yuca fries, yum! IMG_20131004_173035As you all know, I started Minx’s Mail, which is me randomly sending out packages to whoever has signed up, it could be anything from sketches, stickers, notes, trading cards even coupons for future commission pieces.IMG_20131008_174720If you want to sign up, feel free to do so! HEREIMG_20131024_131714Selfies at work. Goes to show how fast I get my work done 🙂IMG_20131025_010114Dates with Misha.
photocatTKL x Minx

This piece was shown at my duet show in June and I never even showed you guys this collaboration. I started this piece first, making my girl with the outfit I had originally planned to wear that night. With my purple hair and all, I was gonna rock an orange top and black skirt, both packed with polka dots. Kinda sucks that I changed my mind about the outfit, but I liked how this piece came out regardless.

Once I was done, Tanya picked up the canvas and did her part. A blue royal holding the world in her hands, look at that pretty pink dress. See, thing is, I had no idea what she was painting. When I walked in to the show, I was completely surprised by the end result.IMG_20131108_161718I started playing around and have been making key chains, I love how this one came out!IMG_4704Bucktooth Berry officially has a new home!

I just love it when my babies go to good homes. Thank you PhilartisteIMG_6336 IMG_20131009_180504Cute new supplies !

Who remembers these from the 90’s?IMG_20131009_100202picture002

Ps. I recently got a new webcam, so hmmm… who know’s maybe I’ll start uploading stupid random videos. I have to admit, I recorded myself just talking crap, but I felt so silly!

Kudos, to all the youtubers who do it so well, and look fabulous doing it, I obviously need more practice.

Until next time guys!picture005

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