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01412665e1ff8483f953109e1c81ae005face4f9cdc6e5929887fae3d877172e31 1I was sooooooo excited to go to this show. But before I start on that, seems like Halloween has been lasting a week long! 2We bumped into Bane while transferring trains and Q couldn’t resist but to catch a pic with him. We even bumped into this brownstone that was decorated from  top to bottom with Halloween decorations.3Anyway, for those of you who don’t know who Kaws is, he’s a visual artist from Jersey who’s now in Brooklyn. he started off as a graffiti artist and has done so much since then. Maybe you guys remember him from the last MTV awards.

Kaws was officially having a show in NYC and I was so eager to go.

4His work is great, that didn’t surprise me at all, but I have to say this show was one of the worst experiences I have had.

The artist himself wasn’t even there, though I was told about 2 hours later he showed up.
5Let me explain, but first to the good things. His work was huge, vibrant and his lines are magnificent. I love getting close to the work to actually appreciate the brushstrokes and it seemed like every line was in place, the same thickness and everything.


The shadows that he picks, which is usually in the same family color palette but just a hue darker, was one of my favorite parts.7Q and I walked in, there wasn’t many people in the gallery.

                       Galerie Perrotin to be exact which is at 909 Madison Avenue                                              New York, NY 10021

8We walked and roamed through all the floors and were enjoying the view.

But it seemed we were constantly being watched and being scolded every time we even came close to a piece. Which wasn’t even that close.9I’m grown, I don’t need an adult telling me not to touch and to be careful with my bag while walking. In case no one has not noticed, this isn’t my first show. I go to many, I think I know a few rules here and there, not to mention I have had a few of my own.10The curators were snobs.

Maybe it had something to do with the way we were dressed. Skully’s and rocker personas.

11Regardless, of the neighborhood and how people dress. it’s so sad to see how others treat others if they don’t “fit in”. It’s like high-school .

Non the less, that’s not how you treat people.

Let’s grow up.

Anyway. back to the art. The pamphlet mentioned and I quote

” For this exhibition, the artist featured a series of works where several playful attitudes towards painting converge. Taking from Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, who found their sources in a popular culture, and inspired by Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly, who submitted their paintings to a process of abstraction and re composition that extended  to the shape of the canvas (where the canvas borders and depth became relevant), KAWS embraces both worlds of pop and abstraction in a unique whimsical way.”13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21We headed to another floor while roaming around and noticed there was another artist displaying work.22

Yves Klein was a French artist considered an important figure in post-war European art.


Right from first view I noticed his love of blue.The same shade too.

24I liked the metallics as well and it seems like whatever canvas he did have (not a sculpture) was damaged in a way to make beauty out of something ugly.
25The textures were so pretty.

Notice how when I took pics, I had to make sure I got a close up shot as well.26 27 28 29After the show, since I was pretty damn upset of how upset we were being treated, it just made me uncomfortable and I was ready to leave.

We walked by a flower shop and I noticed the ugliest two flowers that were so beautiful.

Yes, I’m aware that seems like it makes no sense, but to me it does.

30These two plants were my favorite. The ones above looked like they were puffed up balloons of the venus fly trap and the ones below looked like leaves had sex with a rose and made this flower. I hate that I didn’t get the names of these two, but no worries, I’ll start googling my fingers off soon.31We passed a pet store and I fell in loooooooooove with this English Bulldog. He was such a cutie, I wanted him to come home with me. Q fell in love with a Pugle. A half Pug half Beagle who was only 7 months  and was so full of life, he was so hyper. He ended up licking Q’s face and it was love at first lick.32

We decided to walk to the movies and shortcutted through Central Park.
33We watched Bad Grandpa in the 84th street movie theater, cuddling up.

It was a good and busy day.

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