Junction at Eve

1Junction at Eve

Halloween for me was celebrated the weekend before, as I’m sure many people did. So when it came to the actual day of Halloween, it was just another day, let alone a Thursday.

Q and I had plans to go see an apartment, yes, we’re apartment hunting!

It’s time to start moving forward, no?


The lady that was showing us the place, wasn’t home. And even though I already saw the place, I wanted Q to see it for himself.

We decided to take a long walk home and placed a bet.

How many stores would we see with a “No more candy” sign on their window?

I guessed 25 and Q guessed 15.

Closest to the number wins, loser buys dinner.
3I lost soooo hard.

We only bumped into 6!

4Yes, dinner was on me.5

You’re probably wondering what all these pictures are, but while I walking I find beauty in the weirdest things. So why not?6

Until next time!
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