Jolie Has A Scary Birthday

01This was not a hangover, and no I’m not being sarcastic.

After leaving Chris’s house (You can read that post here) we knew we had to wake up early, yet did no such thing. We, as in Misha and I , were exhausted. Yes, we did some drinking and yes we had a tiny headache, but it was definitely not a hangover.
My body felt weak, and I was afraid to eat anything even though my stomach kept screaming at me.2Misha and I ended up at Wendy’s on 125th in Harlem, and ended up getting like 3 burgers each and chili. That chili was the bets part! It was sooo warm and settled our stomach aches which was driving us insane. We headed to the Metro North, which was Misha’s first time ever, and headed straight to Connecticut. 57c38a888629245be14c48edb9d3d15f 3My niece Jolie was having a birthday, and I loooove her birthday, especially since it lands on Halloween and she admires all the ghouls and gruesome things!

I just hate that I didn’t get that many pictures of her.  😦  Shame on me.4Look what a cutie, and how tall my godson ZJ is getting!

As soon as we spot each other, we always have that movie moment when you see the people running in slow motion towards each other… haha, yes we have those and jumps to me every single time, I love and cherish those moments, because I know he misses me too. I definitely have to start putting more time in to see him. Living in Brooklyn and him in the Bronx is such a struggle, but no worries, I always make things happen.
5I also got to see his mom, Kat, which I’m sure you all have seen on my blog before, yet not much lately. We were working in the same office for a little while and since I was transferred to a different location, we carry on living our lives.

And that’s okay, because when it comes to bochinche (GOSSIP) we come right back to each other. Now that’s love.♥

Plus look how cute she looks as a Dia De Los Muertos doll. (Day of the Dead)7This was Jolie’s cake, how awesome does that look!

It’s a zombie, and better yet… it was red velvet with cheesecake frosting!


Sadly enough, this was the only picture I got of Jolie, while she blows out her candle, but I did better. hahaaa… video, check it out:

9I got to see my brother A, which is always funny as hell!

I missed him so much.

What many don’t know is that even though most of the family I call “family” don’t carry the same blood that I do, that couldn’t make us any closer.

I actually get along with them better than the ones with my same sangre. It’s a shame, but moving on.
10Look at Misha looking all cute.

I could tell you right now, I did NOT take this picture.

This was Gabby, Jolie’s cousin who is only 5 years old. She grabbed my camera and started clicking away. Hmmmm.. maybe a future photographer in the making?11 12

Gabby took this one too, this Pepe, short for Penelope, another cousin. Gabby’s good!13Z and Kat, a mexican and dead woman. lol
14Michael and his girlfriend weren’t really dressed up, but towards the end of the night, they looked like they had a fight a zombie.

They were covered in red makeup all over their face. I blame Gabby, Michael’s daughter for the makeover.15↑Hey, that’s me!16Baby makes this Catwoman have legs for days!17This is Pepe’s new baby siter, Ada and I was in looooove!

She was sooo cute and tiny, she smelled like youth!

Once I grabbed her, she got super comfy and decided to close her eyes while she sucked on her thumb…. awwwwwwww

Babies always fall asleep on me.

Kat picked on me saying, if she ever needed a baby sitter, I’m the one to call.18D (Jolie’s godmother) and her beautiful daughter.19Gabby ended up giving herself a makeover, especially after she begged me to paint on her face. I guess she got tired of the hearts on her cheeks she said she loved. haha.20The brothers, Z and A. One looking like Zoro and the other looking like he just got out of prison.  lol Don’t tell him I said that.21 22♥The girlies, Tuti, Kat, me and Misha ♥2327 24The drunken mexican pose.25 26Family is everything, no matter how far you guys are… from Brooklyn to Connecticut.

I love you guys!

Ps. Happy Birthday my beautiful Jolie!

(Post of her last birthday here)