No Rubber Duckie In This Tub

1cdbe66a694942fcef3213330662ce111 I was debating if I should put these pictures up or not.
Let’s face it, I’m not the skinniest girl of the bunch. I have my rolls and those are not the curves I’m looking for.
Not to mention, these pictures are a little more on the personal side.

But what the hell.

I consider this blog not only as promotion for my work, with all the art and all the events and such, but this site has become intimate,  sort of like my journal.

And I definitely am not ashamed of that.

I think we look pretty damn cute and I wouldn’t want to be in a tub with no one else either than my Q.

Q and I jumped in the tub, bubble bath at that,  for some alone time and got these cute pics in the process.

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7 Replies to “No Rubber Duckie In This Tub”

  1. You look super beautiful in these pictures. You really shouldn’t have prefaced with anything saying you are not. It’s great to see someone who isn’t a size 2 flaunt their body. Especially as a female, it’s great to see real beauty. No more fake stuff!!
    You’re an inspiration.

    A happy sub.


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