Graffiti, Gay Icecream & Sneaky Cervezas

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Chinatown of course.2

I headed with Q to meet with Misha, we were headed to Canal Street to see artists paint in a lot and I knew this neighborhood a little too well.

See, my step-father( father to me, I don’t see him any other way ♥ ) had worked in this parking lot for 26 years, so ever since I was little, I would always be running around the lot with my other siblings.

My mother used to work in the Bakery that was close to the lot, so sometimes I would help her wait the tables. I used to like it, I felt like a grown up.

Not to mention there was this cute older italian boy who used to work in the actual kitchen, but of course he used to see me as a little sister type.

Hey, I was a little kid and all I knew was, that he was pretty.


My father is so upset that this parking lot is closed after all these years.

So when I saw the posting that there would be new artwork, I couldn’t resist but to go.

Of course, when I found it was a little too late, but better than never.4

Q, Misha and I arrived as soon as all the artists where finished, we said hello and introduced ourselves to the people that were still there.

Who were sweethearts by the way!5

They greeted us with beers and let us take our pictures with no hassle.6

Though I didn’t get the name of all the artists, I already knew Meres was a part of it, due the light bulbs with faces and Mishka of course, did his thing.7

We  bumped into this awesome piece right across the street next to the church.8

After all the graffiti, we headed to Burger King for some grub and made our way in to a Halloween Shop.

I saw a Mario with a sign and I ran to the store!9

I have no idea what I want to be for Halloween and I’m running out of time!

It’s so hard now a days to find something for female adults that is not too revealing.

I don’t want to be cute, with fairy wings and such, and I don’t want to be sexy with my belly all out.

Let’s face it, no one wants too see all this jiggle in a belly shirt.lol10

I took these random pics while walking since they caught my eyes.

I found that box on the floor to be so funny, and a random picture frame just being hung up in the street, ha!

nice graff in the background too.


After that, Misha, Q and I met up with our  friend Sasha De La Cruz, who was visiting from Salem, Massachusetts. Misha, her and I went to high school together, and since she was in the city for comic con we had to make it a good night. 12

We headed to a restaurant in Greenwich where the artist Mekone was displaying some work. Misha was buying one of his pieces, since she’s going to be starting her own collection soon.

Ah, so exciting!13

I took some pictures of his work for all of you to see.14

Look at this baby, titled “Thirteen”

Isn’t she a beauty?

and in a pink frame, what a beauty.15 16 17 18

I loved this one as well. Look at those eyes!19 20 21

You can follow Mek on Instagram here22 23After the restaurant…

yes, this night is not over!

24Sasha was super sweet and gave each of us a little present.

We each now own a Mut exclusive print, personally signed by Sasha herself.

She’s super talented and while looking through her work in a pizza shop, all attention was on her.

Customer’s kept stopping telling her how talented she was, which she is!

If you wanted to check out some of her work, follow her on Facebook.

♥ Me, Sasha and Mish ♥
26 27

We started to walk, and a lot of walking we did, cracking jokes and Q acting all silly.

We bumped into an ice cream shop.

First thing I noticed was a huge man in a dress, so I definitely wanted to go in!


Big Gay Icream was tiny, packed and had a lot of spunk.29

One of the popular ice creams was named Bea Arthur, which I thought was sooo cute.

And if you don’t know who Bea Arthur is, she was one the women from the show

Golden Girls”

and if you don’t know what that show is…. I don’t think we can be friends anymore!30

The girls ordered their icecream, while Q and I snuck in some beers.31

Look at him, wanting my beer!32

I got caught burping..

I’m such a lady.33

Sasha’s burp must have been more amazing than mine, look at that face.34

It was a great night, we definitely walked a lot, and if I’m not skinny by now, I don’t know what to tell you.


See you guys next time, and Sasha, it was great seeing you again!36