New Body Art: Soul In The Sun



I had Ornellah come and pay me a visit, and I had my amazing and talented best friend Misha work some magic.

Let me express the fact that I have been itching to work with a dark skin model. I think dark women are absolutely stunning, I just have never had the chance to work any dark beauties. When I contacted Ornellah, I was super excited for her to come over. I had so many ideas, and no sketch in mind. Like I ever sketch anyway.

We took a few shots indoors, but our best bet and confidence booster was when we headed outdoors. The sun was beaming, and Ornellah was a little more confident than before.

Misha was shooting and directing, go Mish! I was so proud of her, I know she takes amazing photographs, but usually has a harder time directing her subjects, but not this time.

I hope you guys like this shoot, I know I sure do.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at and Misha can be contacted by clicking on her name in this post, she’s available for all kinds of events and projects.

Until next time guys,

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