Ikea With My Mish

Some girl time was long overdue for me and my Mish. I couldn’t wait to see her, especially after her “almost” cancelling on me.
We met up to go to ikea, her idea… so she can get some estimates on some floors she wants to put down at her place.
Doesn’t she sound all grown up! Lol
After walking through the whole showroom, oooooohing and Aaaaahing, I ended up falling in love with a canopy that goes over the bed, a sewing machine, which I’ve been dyyyyying to own one already, and a some white printed ceramic pots for plants. Misha bought me the pots as a present, which im definitely gonna be using for my paintbrushes and such.
How is it that she’s the one that needed to shop, and I end up with a cart full of stuff? Oh boy.
After dinner with a pretty view and awesome company we headed to my place for a sleepover. Gossip, and loud music. The next day we had to set up for a shoot that I was having with a former coworker of mine, Ornellah.
You’ll see a behind the scenes clip soon.
Until next time guys!