Chino’s Surprise Birthday

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I always drag Q to random places with my friends, and this time, for once he got the chance to have the tables turned.

One of his friend’s Chino was celebrating another year of life, without his knowledge.

The celebrating that is, not the year added.

I met up with Q and since it was laundry day, I was feeling might fresh, aow!

Even though, we ended up missing the actual “surprise” shot, since we got there about half an hour later than expected, that didn’t stop us from having a great time.

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As soon as we got there, the first thing you notice in the backyard, propped up on a table is a huge ice sculpture.

Let’s just say it wasn’t there just to look pretty.

As soon as Q says hi to everybody, he’s already being forced to chug through a hose that travels through the ice sculpture!

06 07

He did great, especially because all eyes were on  him.

08 09

I’ve met the important friends plenty of times, and they always come up to great me with  a huge smile, but this time I was meeting their women and the extended friends.

All or mostly who I already know so many stories about and know what they look like already from pictures he has shown me.

It almost felt as if I already knew them.

Which made everything go so much smoother.

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Ivan even got me to chug, twice might I add…

but wait, can I talk about the huuuge sub they had?


I even got to eat Q’s piece, because haaaaaates mayo.

Typical black guy moment. lol

13 02

It was a good night, and I decided to stay behind the camera the whole night, let Q go crazy and have some fun.

Though that didn’t last too long, because I didn’t feel to good after a while.

He took care of me, and I was convinced I was drunk.

Which I barely understood because I didn’t drink that much.

14 15 17

When I woke up the next day, I only felt worse.

I thought, really, a hangover???

But after popping a few aleves , I decided to drink some Gatorade, and I quickly turned to the exorcist.

ew, disgusting.

That toilet was my best friend.

And three days later, My stomach virus is gone, with still some hints of weakness.

18 16

Ugh, life….

Anywho, this post didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but whatever!!!!!

19 20

Ps. Happy Birthday Chino!

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