Hold the Ball


Last year 2012 there were 25 shooting and 6 deaths associated with summer basketball alone.

In May 2013 organizations came together to form a think tank to address this dimension of gun violence. Some organizations became involved because they were inspired by personnel stories others said enough was enough, and others said let’s be about doing something. 2

The XMENTAL way is to mentor through the power of art, and there’s no better host than Tatu himself.3The mission is to empower the community with the tools to keep parks safe, incorporating games, positive hip hop, and the sharing of information.

A tribute and community project to raise awareness on violence.

Keep the kids focused on the arts, not the crimes.4

Everyone involved donated their services and talent to make the week long event a success. Along with the live painting. There was a sound system set up , young performers and other org’s working with XMENTAL . 5

Other org’s had stations set up and spent their time community outreaching.. There was also a  DJ playing music in between acts.6

Tatu did such a great job getting everyone together, helping out and being involved.

Being surrounded by so many talented individuals who care about the children and the way they live their lives is such a great feeling.

It just makes you want to do more, reach out and help 7

Not only were there talented people of all different types of ares, singers, poets, dancers, painters..

there were different organizations who wanted to help in many different ways.8

For those who were having a hard time finding a job, for those who haven’t and still need to get their GED, for those who need help with childcare, for those who want to know more about their rights, especially what they should know if they ever get stopped by the police,

What you should carry, what to say, what not to say, what to expect.9 1012 13

Q and I .

14 15This station was set up for the kids so they were able to design their own t shirts, using black tees,q-tips and bleach…

under adult supervision of course. 16

The Dj’s mixing it up.17 18 19Kyle rocking out the guitar.21Patty at work.22 23Rep Davinci going in on a Trayvon Martin piece.24 25Zulu Nation in the house!26 27 28 29


I really like the comic style of this piece.31 32Black Angel the Poet33

Face painting for the kids34 35 36 37 38OBT. Opportunities for a better tomorrow.39

The talented Marthalicia.40

Once it hit 5:01pm the cops were already trying to shut us down. We had until 5pm.

Give us a little break..

which they did. We wrapped up around 6pm.41 42 43

I swear, I never have sketches…

I don’t even know how I end up saving myself half of the time.  I surprise myself.

I’ll keep looking at it once it’s done like:

I did this?44 45

Sien Ide’s Trayvon Martin piece.

He actually left it tied up to the tree, We all wonder how long it’s gonna last.4648 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59

I joined in on the fun with the kids and made my own t- shirt design.1

Live Performances by:

Black Rose Rebels

Nene Ali

Ceddy Jay

Hip Hop Catz

Black Angel the Poet

and Starski the Poet 60Live art by:

Marthalicia Matarrita


me, Minx Inx

Rep Davinci

Tori Harris

Patty Eljaiek61Think Tank Organizations:

Black Men Who Care

Silver Truck Music inspired by the death of Antoine Wilson

Mothers Empowered.


Feared Voices LLC,

National Action Network63Photographs by Q… which you all should know by now.

You did good boo, Thank you.


Thank you Tatu, for including me in this great project.

Continue doing all the great things that you do to mold a better tomorrow.

Proud of you bro.

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