Come and Support the Cause Against Violence


“Hold The Ball”

 7Days of Peace and empowerment

at Potomac Park in Brooklyn

The mission is to show other basketball park programs how to implement a plan to keep your parks safe and empower the community.

The event will feature ongoing basketball games , positive rap, arts, fitness demonstration and sharing of information.

On August 11th from 2pm-5pm, 

XMENTAL INC. will be hosting a community out reach day at Potomac park

that’s Halsey st. between Tompkins and Marcy ave.

The theme of the day is anti violence. This is just one day of a week long event.

There has been a lot of violence lately in the parks. Quite a few people have been shot and a few died.

The XMENTAL way is to mentor through the power of art.


I will be out  there on the 11th painting live, along with other artists while the event is going on will be inspiring and empowering.

We’ll be literally working with no budget. Everyone involved is donating their services and talent to make the week long event a success.

Along with the live painting. They will have a sound system set up , young performers and other org’s working with XMENTAL that day will be on the mic talking to the people at hand.

Other org’s will have stations set up and doing community outreach. We will have a DJ playing music in between acts and speakers.

There will be a memorial for  Trayvon Martin and other who died due to unwarranted violence.

 I hope to see you that day blessing the park with your love and support.