Q’s First Slushie



Q’s First Slushie

2Can you believe this grown ass man never had a slushie/icee in his life?

After a long day of traveling back and forth in the Bronx… this is how we ended the night.

But let me start at the beginning.

I rushed all the way from Brooklyn, to the Bronx to drop off a canvas for a customer (which you guys will see soon enough) then off to a BBQ to say hi to friends really quick, to then go to Q’s sister’s Nandi’s baby shower… well, welcoming… since she popped early.

Whew… just typing that was exhausting,

Hence, why my hair looks like a crazy mess….not to mention the humidity.

I promise I looked somewhat cute before leaving my apartment.

(excuses)3After all the craziness and getting lost a couple of times, we decided to end the night with ending up at a gas station, 1am, hungry…

a hotdog and begging him to try a slushie, he fell inlove.


Mind you, trying to steal my cup too!


I guess someone is no longer a slushie virgin.

(Cherry pop)5

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