New Artwork- Ahogando en Vino


New Artwork

Ahogando en Vino


This one, I must admit was one of my favorites. This is me after a long stressed out day.

Ok, maybe not ME exactly… but the wine glass sure resembles what my cup looks like once I step into my apartment.


The title for this beauty is “Ahogando en Vino” which is spanish for “Drowning in Wine”.

Very fitting eh?


Me, getting busy…. don’t mind my awkward at home and lazy attire.


I made her look so stressed out, deep in her thoughts…

Here’s a close up of her face:


And of course, the final results:

6This baby is currently on sale…. Even though she has a pretty nice home in my bedroom…

she matches perfectly!

But knowing me, I know I’ll constantly keep making more and I definitely need the space for new canvases.

If you would like to give this Minxette a permanent home, please feel free to email me at

Subject: Vino

She’s on a 16×20 inch studio canvas.

Until next guys lovies!


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