New Artwork- Muneca Morbido

New Artwork

 ♥Muñeca Morbido ♥


Here’s another new piece titled, Muñeca Morbido which is Spanish for Morbid Mannequin.  This is one of the first pieces of the series that I did. 2

I like the fact that she came out looking as if she was in a fun house. But I have to admit, this one is not my favorite. Usually once I start a series the first canvas would come out looking pretty cool, but just like when you throw a ball for the first time since a long time, your next pitches are always better.3

I wanted the background to be cooky, but not too much , and definitely dark.

I wanted this girl to be perceived as a show piece. Everyone wants her, she’s beautiful, but when no one is looking she’s so unhappy depressed as ever.

And even worse no one around that would even care, because as long as you sit there looking pretty as the world wants you to be, shown off.. nothing else matters.4

Sometimes I like to show you guys the process so here are some  close ups:5

This piece is currently for sale

on a 16×20 in studio canvas.

Please feel free to email me at if you are interested in giving this Minxette a home.7The final product:

8Until next time guys, I hope you liked!