Mermaid Parade 2013

23♥Mermaid Parade 2013♥


Every year I make sure I mark my planner for the Mermaid Parade that’s held in Coney Island.4

The tradition of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade began in 1983 and is held annually in celebration of the beginning of the summer season.


It’s basically Halloween in the summer with a mardi gras and aquatic feel to it.

It is soooo much fun!6

This time around I met up with my awesome best friend Misha  and took advantage of the craziness to catch a lot of pictures, and most importantly to catch up on each other’s lives.2

Misha and I have been so busy with everything that’s going on around us, and yes we still manage to take for the other. But with full time projects, jobs and boyfriends, time can get the best of us.

I missed her so much.8

Once we arrived at Coney, it was no surprise of the hectic and colorful crowd that was waiting for us. It took us forever to cross the street and actually make it to the boardwalk.

After crossing through the aquarium we finally saw water, but ended up missing the parade.

womp womp.9

No worries though!

The shore is where it’s all at… and after jumping in the water for a few….

ok, only like up to our knees.

We started to walk along the shore and take in the view of all the  great costumes and the awesome people rocking it 10

Some of these mermaid tales were sooooo impressive and beautiful, like the ones above and below.

Though I wish I owned of them, they would be awesome for some photo-shoots.

For this day in particular it seemed like such a hassle after watching them struggle trying to get into it.


I kept my outfit simple, not only because of the heat and all the walking I knew I was going to be doing, but because I actually wanted to enjoy myself.12

Looking at all these great and creative costumes, I noticed you get stopped every other 5 seconds because someone wants to take a picture with you.

I wouldn’t mind it, bc I love the getting dressed up part… but I want to have some fun too!


You can tell this girl had a lot of fun.

Hey, if I had boobs like that, I would flaunt  them too!14

This couple was too adorable!15

and the back of his shirt, talk about thinking outside of the box!16

Let me let you guys enjoy these pictures.

I remember this guy every year, he always goes all out!18 19 2024 25 27

I bumped into my old high-school buddy Jelivet and she looks adorable as ever…


All in all this was a good a mermaid parade and I can’t wait until the next one!