NEW ARTWORK- Lagrimas De Fuerza

Here’s the first of  some of the canvases that I showcased in my last show, Blood, Sweat and Tears.

And of course, I decided to show you the progress of it, from beginning to end.

Though I wish I could have snapped a better picture of the end result without the varnish,

I managed to get a “in the meantime” pic.

So once I take a better picture, I’ll replace it.DSC02018

As I mentioned before in the post of the show, most of my new pieces deal with sadness and grief.

They also have a color scheme of green, purple and orange in common…

and of course my infamous love of black and white print.

Not only did I want this one to be sad, I wanted her to have some awesome looking hair…

and what’s better than a mohawk?DSC02020

I feel like she has this whole rocker theme going on, and though she’s per-sieved as hard core.

There’s still a story there.

No matter how tough someone may look or act..

there’s always something that’s gonna trigger all the imperfections,

all the “what if’s”

all the “why doesn’t this person love me?”

the list can go on forever.

I used spray paint as her tears, orange at that…

there was a lot of tape and figuring out how to not stain the canvas under it.

But I loved the outcome.DSC02024

I titled her “Lagrimas de Fuerza”

and for all my non spanish speaking readers, that means

Tears of Strength.DSC02025

Here’s a close up of her face…

and as promised, a better (better than the one above) picture of the end result will be posted.

Thank you for watching guys!


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