Never Made It’s- Blood Sweat and Tears


Here are a few random pictures from MY camera, that never made it unto my previous post from my artshow.

Enjoy guys.DSC02256

Kat strutting her stuff while we got ready at work before the showDSC02257

Locking down the computerDSC02265

Silly faces with Tanya.DSC02267

Marlene and Kat looking cute while Z flips threw a blackbook.DSC02270

Chatting up a storm with a new friend.DSC02272

I had no idea which camera I was supposed to be looking at !DSC02273

Caught me laughing. heheDSC02278

Kat. me and Z.DSC02280

My Mr.Minx, Kat, me and Z.DSC02282

Julievet, my brother Luis and meDSC02281Q making funny faces

Later guys!