Padrino, The Big 50

The Big 50


My godfather officially turned 50!

How handsome was he?


My godfather and I haven’t always been the closest time wise, but every moment spent together is always cherished.

Now more than ever since I’m getting older and actually appreciating the people around me.DSC02137

My Godparents house was filled with family and close friends,  packed with cousins.

I always happen to arrive with a big jug of wine.

Moscato Sangria.

Nobody ever seems to complain though.DSC02135

My brother below came with his potential soon to be girlfriend which was sweet and very shy.DSC02162

Gj was looking as cute as ever and of course all eyes were on her.DSC02149

Padrino (Godfather in spanish) with one his best buds from work and his wife.

They had a dance off, which I got to record and will be sure to post up soon.


Bethany and Jade got in the spirit of all the spanish music that was blasting.DSC02138

I was so excited I got to see my little big brother Jeremy. He’s getting so tall… I might have to start wearing heels around him.DSC02164My cousins Evelyn and Lee with their babies, Chris and Gj


Baby cousin Armani. ♥DSC02143

The adults trying to be cute =]DSC02174

My Mr. Minx feeling the buzz.DSC02175

So much love in our family.DSC02161

I remember when we used to be the little ones, now we’re the ones holding the babies.DSC02173

The fashionista Gj.DSC02146

Getting ready to sing happy birthday… Cousin Lidia playing cute w the camera in her face.DSC02165

No birthday would be complete without a little frosting in the face!DSC02166

My brother Kiki, My loverboy Q, My cousins Boyfriend Arturo, My cousin Sasha, My cousins husband and a family friend, kicking out the night in good faith…

good faith and booze.DSC02177

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