Never Made Its

current paintingOne of the newest canvases I have painted.

This was one of those “in progress” shots I took. This canvas is official done, but ya won’t see it yet! (teasing)

Come to my show on June 6th to see it!

philartisteA new “mini you” that I worked on for one of my best buds Philartiste who was celebrating a birthday.


This is basically the story of my life.

selfieJust a quick selfie.

stickersStickers of my logo.. I’ll be giving/selling them soon, so stay posted!

9-5 I have no idea why I’m holding my boobs but I do know why I have paint  in my fingers.
Is it 5 yet?

backgroundsPainting backgrounds on canvases


My pussy Vandal. ehehehe

Pina Coladas wit Kat and Marlene at Coney Island after work.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3