Never Fair, Always Worth It

DSC02053.jpgSpending time with my little brother has lately been a hassle.

Now that I live in Brooklyn and he’s in the Bronx, and due to some family drama, I miss my little brother more than ever.DSC02056.jpg

I headed to the park with my other brother Luis, how handsome is he!?

My two brothers, a toy plane and rides. What a lovely mix.DSC02058.jpg

There was a fair near my grandmothers park, so we took full advantage and roamed around.

I begged Luis to get on the tilt a whirl with Jeremy and I, no luck.DSC02059.jpg

Jeremy kept screaming at me to put my arms down, it was dangerous and I can hurt myself.

Mind you, he’s 13.

And I’m the 24 year old big sister.

I kept laughing  telling him to put his hands up!


I invited my baby cousin Raymond over, and my mr.minx was already home taking a nap.

I cooked some dinner , and we all sat down, family style.

Said a prayer, and sang happy birthday to Jeje (Jeremy)DSC02064.jpg

I was sad to see our day end, but hopefully if I’m lucky I hope I get to see him more often.DSC02065.jpg

This little boy is my heart, and though he’s not so little anymore, I cherish him to the fullest.DSC02066.jpg

Spending time with Luis was also a bonus, and now that we’re living closer to each other, we won’t be seeing the last of each other.DSC02068.jpg

These pics, I was even debating to put up. Though they may not seem much to you guys,

I know, if a certain someone was to see them, it would be disapproved. DSC02070.jpg

But you know what, at the end of the day, that’s my family.

And I would never want to keep someone so special to me in the dark.DSC02072.jpg

I really hope I get to see you more often Jeje.

I love you soooooo much.DSC02074.jpg DSC02076.jpg DSC02077.jpg DSC02078.jpg DSC02079.jpg DSC02080.jpg DSC02081.jpg DSC02083.jpg DSC02085.jpg DSC02086.jpg DSC02087.jpg DSC02090.jpg DSC02093.jpgDSC02075.jpg

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