Work This City Backyard Edition with Jaga

Work This City Backyard Edition with Jaga


It was a long day. I had just left work which is shy about 20 minutes from Coney Island, hopped on the train and headed to the other side of the MTA map.

Gunhill in the Bronx to be exact.

the light hitting Q

I asked my loverboy Q to join me and watch, especially since he’s never really had the chance to observe me paint.

Let alone something that wasn’t a canvas.


I’m sure you all know who Misha is, ( especially if you keep up with my blog ) Misha is my bestfriend and photographer, and lately her current projects have included working with Derrick Clarke in making music videos. Now, she’s currently working on something a little different with video director Steve.


I haven’t painted , excuse me spray painted inthe longest time. It was actually when I painted next to Jasmine’s mural. Almost two years in June.

Not only was I excited, I was a little nervous.

shootingI know I was rusty… let’s just hope I dont’ mess up, especially while it’s being recorded,

mewhile i paintpainting processOf course I gave her some purple and orange hair.

dropping it lowj at workJaga hard at work.

workingone of my favorite picturesI think this one is one of my favorite shots..go Q!

and this oneQ is definitely not a photographer, so I was giving him a few pointers to catch the shot in the best way possible.

Like this one for instance, I told him to get all the way on the floor and capture the shot with the cans peeking through.

He got it just right.

QGood job.

workfull wallThe full wall, while we finish the small details.

Jaga and I

J and I

Q and I

Q and I


Of course I had to get a shot of her sleeve. I added an old school ribbon with Jasmine’s name.

full wall

I hope you guys stay tuned to what’s coming ahead this summer.

Thank you and misha

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