The Parlement Music Video Premier

The best friend Misha has been busting her ass for the past couple of  months working on her secret project, which I was sworn to secrecy.

Earlier on in the year I had posted an entry on a good friend , Sage ( You can see that post by clicking on his name ) and his talented ways with words.

Luke and Abstract are right there with him.

Misha, Sage, Luke and Abstract have known each other for about six years. So when the opportunity rises, different talents collide.

So without a further a due, here’s the final product.

Enjoy, I know I loved it…

( by the way, catch me really quick at 31 seconds )

I’m so proud of Misha and the guys…. all of you are going places, I can see it now.


Music Video by L.U.K.E Performing THE PARLEMENT Featuring Sage & Abstract.
Debut Mixtape: Breath of Fresh Air
Directed by: Misha Merino
Cinematography and Editing by: Derrick M. Clarke

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