Body Art Gig at Jouvay Lounge

Tag from invited me to be one of the artists that would be body painting live at Jouvay Lounge.

Joining me was Tag himself, Vezo and Ozbe. Including some random pieces done by Ash, Fore, Saper and Ano.

(As always, you can click on image to make it larger.)

Misha and I headed to Queens, running late. All the guys were already there and  set up on stage doing their thing. Once I arrived, there was deco markers everywhere!

I of course don’t use deco markers unless it’s for tiny details. So I came equipped with my bag full of paint, brushes and my cute little cupcake tray that I use to mix my paint in. You’d be surprised how handy that comes in.

The music was loud and though I was super focused on painting and seeing who’s next, I could never resist and always end up shaking my tush to the music.

The crowd was great and everyone that I got to paint was so nice, I tend to be friendly always striking up random conversations so I pretty much ha everyone laughing.

Plus Mel kept offering me beer so that always helps.

Everyone that was painting had a line of women waiting for them, which is always a good thing.

I actually had  a couple of guys wanting to get painting on.


Since I never really paint men, I was a bit skeptical but of course wanted to do it anyway.

They were sweethearts and loved what I painted on them!

Here’s a few more random pics from the rest of  the night.

Photo credit to Misha Merino