Mermaid Parade 2012

( This post will definitely have waaaay too many pictures, feel free to click on any to make it  larger ) 

This post is way overdue, but with all the pics I have uploaded unto this piece, I sure hope it makes up for it.

Let’s start with my Mini Me sketch above.  Like?

So here we go!

Coney Island annually celebrates the Mermaid Parade and since I went last year

 ( Post here : 2011 )

 I was so eager to start my new tradition. This year I had some awesome company to join me.

Since I was in Connecticut, we all packed our bags full of colorful clothing, massive makeup, and even wigs.

After that long ride on the Metro North we headed to Jen’s mom’s house to get ready.

Imagine us in that train looking all crazy!?

Everyone is rushing everywhere, trying to look as colorful and perfect as they possibly can.

 Jen made up her face with glitter blue, making her face seem like she had scales. While I ( in rush, last minute, and not many materials ) used my fingers and a small makeup brush, drew a mermaid on Kamo’s chest, painted Seyto’s face in a rainbowish green, drew a fish on Steven’s face, an Octopus on Justen’s back and of course, did my makeup, black lipstick please!

I had Diana, Kash, Chevy and Jesus waiting for me in the beach already and I was panicking because I was supposed to be there by 12 pm tops.

I arrived at like 3 pm…..Ugh I know!

Once we got there, of course it was packed… But the sight was amazing as usual.

There was a guy walking around with a few  “Free Hugs” sign and the sweetheart that he was, gave us one!

Yeah, we definitely had fun with that one!

By the time we got there we missed the actual parade, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying everyone else’s outfits while I waited to meet up with Kash, Chevy and Jesus.

They’re costume and makeup was done beautifully, by Chevy herself!


We made our way towards the boardwalk, finally, after the massive traffic…. cops were patrolling walking across the street.

The picture above was interesting as ever.

 Once we asked if we can take a picture with her, she responded with : Only if you can guess what type of fish I am.

And Seyto the wreckless and hilarious character that he is, runs up to her, hugs her and screams : A NEMO FISH!

I was cracking up!

We got the picture anyway once she laughed and explained that she’s a clown fish.

Once we made it to the shore, Kash explained that she had to leave for work.

 I wish she would have stayed longer, but I know damn well we’re gonna have a hell of a summer together.

We definitely had a blast meeting, chatting up and taking pics with so many different people, different characters….

Every other second was a constant :

 Oh, look at her!

Wait, look at him!

Omg! They look awesome!

I cannot express enough how much I fell in love with this man’s outfit. I didn’t catch his name, but I call him Mr.Amazing!

He looks great in his vintage striped swimsuit, blue mustache, not to mention his classic garter sock holders!

He was definitely my favorite of the day!

We had the only photoshoot going on ….

Justen and Kamo ( the kids ) were covered in sand.

While the guys ( Steven & Seyto ) thought they were cute and tried they’re best to get me in the water!

These drag queens went all out in their customes… I’m gonna have to do better next year!

They look stunning!

As much as I love drag queens, ( I think everyone knows this about me ) I think Jen started to have more fun than me…

Look at her strutting her stuff!

After all the craziness, not that I mind it one bit, we decided to just have some time to ourselves and actually enjoy the great weather.

I was glad when I saw Mr.T come in and join on the action.

We actually had a blast just acting retarded with each other.

I think I’m too crazy for him sometimes =]

I have to say, spending time with great people can always make your day.

This was definitely one for the books.

After the sun went down we spent most of our time looking for Seyto, because the grown man that he is, decided to get lost for three hours!

We finally found him, excuse me, Mr.T spotted his brother at the pier banging on some conga drums and singing.


We started to walk  the boardwalk and enjoying all the music.

We ended up in a group that looked like a mini party on the boardwalk. We started dancing salsa, freestyle, reggae and we even did the cha- cha !

Now slide to the leeeeeft—–

I tried my best to drag him to the water. He was lucky he had his phone on him, because I was ready for war!


On another note:

Well, I hope you guys stayed posted for what’s next to come, because I’m working on some projects I would love for you all to see.

I know I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, but that’s going to change soon.

I look at this site as my baby, I have dedicated so much time, effort. I have personalized evry single detail myself.

I swear, sometimes I forget I have readers ( though I’m very grateful for all of you ! ) that I just ramble on about feelings, my artwork, my goals, crazy drunk stories, chapters of my love life and so many more.

I hope you guys don’t go far and enjoy it all.

Until next guys,


Photo Credits: Thanks to Jen247  for all the amazing photographs.