Ar’s Birthday

Time to celebrate my brother AR’s birthday.

Though I wasn’t able to show up to the BBQ that was being held in the park earlier, due to work…. as soon as I escaped I rushed right over to City Island to meet up with AR and others.

I rushed right over and got stuck with the coolest cabby. He’s def trying to flirt with me and I keep being my normal sarcastic self.

He tells me:  I like you, you should give me your number so you can beat up my baby moms.

ummmm…. hahahahhahaha…no.

As soon as I arrive I get handed a pina colada, not like I’m complaining.  I had some catching up to do since everyone was already feeling it.

There was much to celebrate, not only was it AR’s birthday, after officially 12 am it was Father’s Day aaaaaaaaand AR finally proposed, popping the question to Jen!!!!

seeeee, a lot to celebrate…. which meant MORE drinks!

And of course knowing me, I had to grab Mr.T and Jen to dance some bachata with me… Even though there was some bribing of extra pina coladas for him to actually get up and do it!

We headed to Mom’s house ( Jen’s Mom ) and grabbed more drinks of course. Which got the guys all excited, next thing you know Mr.T is wrapping up Seito’s body in Saran wrap!

Good night, good night. ♥