New Artwork- Wet T-Shirt

This one is a bit difficult to explain, but here goes…..

 I started this piece with a big  36″ x 42″ studio canvas. Decent size. I had  a wet t-shirt theme in mind. Of course, I started sketching and continued to paint in acrylic. I spent the first day painting 8 hours, and the next day 12 hours straight, I was motivated and trying my best to be very precise, who needed sleep!?

To keep things short and straight to the point, after all this work, this canvas was more than halfway done, and got destroyed.  There was no way to bring it back to life. Ugh, I k now..WTF!

Since I always take  pictures of my work during it’s process, ( I didn’t get a last updated  pic before  the damage ), but with the last  picture I did take, I decided to make a miracle happen.

There was just no way after all the work I put into this piece I was going to let her die, I was motivated to rescue it in anyway I could. So here it goes, I uploaded the picture and finished it digitally. It was a bit of struggle, since the Minxette was already hand-brushed painted in acrylic, with her face cut off, as was the jar and water dripping out of the jar. So digitally I sketched and colored the bar in the background, the man’s hairy arm, the heineken bottle , the floor and finished her head off giving her a full face….

But enough about my Frankenstein moment…Enjoy the final product… I k now I did after all the hassle I went through…

You always find a way through hard times, and sometimes things end up better than expected..

Wet T- Shirt :

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