Connecticut with the Niece and Nephew

After such a long weekend, we finally arrived in Connecticut. So here I am to update you on such a busy week with only limited pictures, though they may seem like many.

My gorgeous niece and I, acting up. She is truly a character, such a bully and of course I have to bully back! There was constant chasing each other around the house, insults being thrown at each other. As much as we fight, its a love/I’m the boss relationship. I love this little girl so much!

Playing Dirty Minds…. This game was too hilarious! We were given three perverted clues and had to guess what object it was. Anything from ” I drip all over your hands” to ” I have a big one in front”….yeah, I definitely lost. My mind lives in the gutter.

I swear, with Jen in your life you will gain 20 pounds a week… she is not to be messed with! Tacos, chicken, and beers, I was in heaven.Not to mention this awesome buffet we ended up going to that had EVERYTHING from steak, dumplings, pigs in a blanket, sushi, the list goes on and on… ugh, I want some more!

This is what happens in between meals, hehehehe, boredom strikes.

Jolie, me, Justen and Jen… camera whores I swear.

Jen, when she’s not trying to make me fat. We spent most of our nights, well…. mornings video chatting and acting dumb on camera with one of my friends. She made me some fried oreos, which I have never tried before. Ugh! I know, I’m slacking! They were delicious though!

Ready to for parent teacher conference on a Rainy day. Jolie showed her shy side in front of her teacher because I was there. But she did great during the sing along when we all sat down in a circle. Justen really impressed me with his grades, Mostly all A’s and a few B’s. His teacher had nothing but good things to say. I’m a proud auntie.

I made this necklace for my upcoming show, pig face and black heart. Jen is such an awesome mother, she has the patience of a nun and a mouth like a sailor… hahhaahha Here she is reading tongue twisters, bedtime story for Jolie. The following day Justen had surgery to get his tonsils removed an what a trooper he was. I felt so bad, seeing him in pain, but I’m so proud of him. Ice cream for dinner!

After a nice week with my hood family, it was back to NY and the struggle I went through!!! I had the hardest time carrying my luggage with no wheels. These vintage babies stole all the attention. I had strangers asking if they could run away with me.

But after my workout, ( I better get some muscles after all that heavy lifting) I had my diary ( Ari ) waiting for me. We ha so many errands to run, especially since this was the same day of my show….

( Stay tuned for the next post: The show I was painting for at Agua Roja Lounge )

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