Nover x Copic Marker

Copic Markers interviewed an artist, Nover, that I know you guys have seen on my page before. So of course I had to share.
Talent should never go unnoticed.

Though I wont post the whole interview, I’ll share 2 of my favorites questions.
See the full interview here: Copic Interview

Is there anything you’d like to say about the recent increase in awareness about street art?

NoverNYC: It’s great that it’s being paid attention to on a regular basis worldwide. It’s being used by different high fashion designers, and that’s opening doors to all graffiti writers to use their art as a means to make a profit off of their own work, and gain a platform of respect as a widely accepted form of art.

What’s the future of graffiti, where is street art heading?

NoverNYC: The future of graffiti is heading into becoming something more accepted, it’s heading in the right direction. I hope it opens more doors for graff writers to be able to express their work. I also hope that the future of graffiti is headed into a time where people with a prejudice against street art can understand it and business owners will be more open to having graffiti on more walls.

Keep doing your thing N.
I own no right to Copic Markers.
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