Vodka Pancakes in Connecticut

Another sleepless night. This time I at least had a reason for the excitement.

I did a load of laundry and packed my duffel bag. As silly as this sounds I have never taken the metro north before.

I’m just glad Obby was there to guide the way because knowing me I would’ve gotten lost in a heartbeat. We see the train pass us by, we missed it by a minute.. But I guess it was worth it with a bag full of snacks and a magazine for me.

I haven’t seen Obby in about a month and catching up makes this train go by quickly. Next thing we know we’re in Stamford waiting for our next train. Right in front of our eyes, it passed us but with all the confusion we didn’t notice it was ours.

Another 20 minute wait. We finally get to Bridgeport, Connecticut.

My brother AR opens the door and the first thing I do is jump up and hug him. We exchange “I miss you’s ” and “how’s everything’s” as I make my way upstairs.

Jen, AR’s future wife to be is coming out the shower and I tackle her into the wall smothering her cheeks with kisses.

The babies are already asleep and Jen serves us all dinner. Yellow rice and pernil. Gotta love it.

After we all got fat I made Obby a drink. I usually fall into the bartender category and I never mind. It usually means I’m in charge of how fast everyone gets drunk!

After all the laughing and acting silly of course we had to push for more. Jen had the awesome idea of me dressing up like a zombie and scaring Obby when he least expected it. I jumped on him and his face was priceless!!!

Munchies… Babii AR’s sister and Jen start cooking pancakes and soon as they turn around I spike the batch with vodka. Just enough to taste it but not for it to taste nasty.

That’s when the party got started and I decided to have a drunken fashion show. Piling on all different types of layers of random clothing. Having the girls go with me and Mars with the camera.

I was stuck with the blue wig Jen wore for my birthday last year, I had it on all night and I loved it!

AR was knocked out on the couch he didn’t have enough energy for a reaction when we pounced on him and headed to his room.

Obby had already fallen asleep and it didn’t take long for us to scare Obby again.

Jen and I stayed up watching ‘Burlesque’ and painting a canvas each. I had no idea what I was doing.

Most of the paint being smeared by my fingers. A mermaid slowly appeared and what better person than my cute niece Jolie to give it to… She loved it!

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