San Gennaro Festival

San Gennaro Festival : Is held in Little Italy, dedicated to keeping the spirit and faith alive of the Early Italian immigrants.

I usually go every year with my family. Especially since I was younger I would always spend a lot of time on Mulberry St. When I was younger my mother would wait tables at a small cafe. Of course, I always helped when there was no babysitter.

I always had fun doing it, and her coworkers loved me. I remember running back and forth through the whole block, everyone already knew who I was…Especially since my father worked down the block as well. Lets just say, I always got stopped and told: You look just like your mother! ( in an italian accent of course)

Kat, Zero, Zj, and I met up with Ari and the first stop, naturally, was the church, beautiful as I always remember it. It didn’t take long until we walked a little more… up head, Zj fell in love with a bouncy house kinda slide.

At first he seemed a little nervous, but once he got the hang of it… there was no stopping him. He climbed that ladder so quickly, pushing little kids out of the way.

It didn’t take long until we, the adults wanted in on the action. I’m glad the guy running the show, was such a good sport and let us on … We loved it!

I felt like a big ass kid.. I definitely need one of these in my backyard!

Everywhere we walked, food smelled great… I was stuffed, but I couldn’t help to lean over every stand just to see what they had!

There was so many options from gelato, sausages, crepes, and other shit I definitely can’t pronounce, let alone, spell. haha, sorry guys.

Ari ended up getting a crepe with nutella and bananas… you could tell she enjoyed that! hahahaha … I always enjoy getting funny ass pictures of Ari, her expressions are priceless… exagera!

Kat, Z and Zj got one some twirl a whirl kinda ride… Kat got dizzy.. how do you explain that… that ride was sooo tiny! Zj loved it!

My nephew is getting so big, he’s gonna be a little heart breaker, I just know it!

In one of the booths, the motive was to get one of the balls inside a mini little fish bowl… Kat ended up getting three! So she won three fishies!

Poor fishies, they went through hell last night. We dropped one of them, Zj pinched a whole in one of the bags, I’m surprised one of them didn’t make it back to the hood upside down.

By the end of the night we ended up naming them, Tiny, Rush and Daeydee…. hahaha pronounced like “daddy” but in a hoodrat way!

Today was a good day, Zj had a blast and was exhausted.. mission completed.

All photographs by Misha Merino

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