Last night Gram was having a little get together at his uncles house. Drinks, loud music and beer pong. How could Ari and I say no?

I have to admit, Ari is the lightest drinker I know! A nutcracker and two shots of Henny she was as loud as ever.

Ari is so animated. Whenever a thought would come into her head, you better believe there would be an exaggerated expression on her face….. and she wouldn’t even realize she was doing it.

I swear I saw into the future a little bit and it included her beating up some girl that kept staring at her a little too long.I had to tell her to calm down a little bit. It was hilarious though. Ari is a comedian when she’s a little happy.

Gram was a great a host, you could tell he was having so much fun.

A short while later we decided to go. Ari and I ended up walking to Mickey d’s and getting a shitload of Mc chickens. That def hit that spot.

I walk into my house expecting my bed to be completely empty, and I see my sister Julissa. Not only tucked in, but drunk as ever. Let me tell you that these two girls are two different drunks. Even though at this point Ari was already sober.

Jula is the most sloppiest drunk……. I felt like punching her in the face. Lord forgive me, I really did. She mumbles and slurs her words. She talks so loud and is intrusive. I’m just glad we were home. I love her so much but she has so much to learn.

Regardless, today was a good day, nice and calm.. not too much excitement for one night. It was just right.

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