My best friend anniversary… Officially eight years.

She rings my doorbell, I ‘m so excited to see her, I start skipping to the door. Ari has always been a great friend to me. We decide to get pizza… The love of our lives.

She orders her sausage slice and a beef patty with cheese. While I get my famous extra cheese with pineapples. Two please! I swear, we are two of the biggest fat asses I have ever met.

We start walking and we keep goofing around… laughing about how stuffed we are and start making fake pregnant poses. Me especially..sticking my stomach out, saying I’m gonna do that when I step into a crowded train so I can actually get a chair! haha.

We make a quick run for ice cream, her and her Klondike bars, me for my cookie dough icecream… like you guys didn’t already see that coming! We start walking back to my house, while passing by the pizza shop, a cutie was inside… so you know… we had to suck in that gut! hahahaha… That was the longest 15 seconds of my life!

We get home and we quickly got comfortable… oh man.. taking off your bra after a long day… best thing ever… what a sense of relief.. I gave her an old shirt to changed in to.. Funniest shit ever..especially after looking at all the pics. Proud parent. Ha!

She’s all cuddled up in her bed, while I hopped on the other one and I couldn’t help but to take a quick nap… The itis got to me. Not to mention the fact that I broke night, and cleaned my house the whole morning.. So shiny and squeaky clean!

I get up a short while later, and of course you know it…. Hungry again. Like it ever fails. So I dish up a little something something…daaaamn… I wish I had some more right now. Can you say” Get in my belly!”

Of course there was dessert, and we pulled out the ice cream… plopped ourselves in front of the computer screen and made jokes about absolutely everything we could think of. You would have thought we were high if you would have seen us. The way we were cracking up about the silliest things.

Somehow we got into talking about how lately guys ( girls as well, but in our case, guys) use the smiley faces all the time in text messages or online… She starts telling me some guys friend hits her up with the : Hi 😉 . She grills me, asking me what that’s about? I couldn’t help but explode and I just blurted out : Why you smiley facing me !?… you ain’t getting this pussy with a smiley face! Fuck you and your smiley face!

If I didn’t get abs from laughing so damn hard… I quit! There’s no hope for me!

I swear sometimes the best times in life are the simple pleasures. Good food and great friends. I love you so much Ari.

Stay beautiful, inside and out… I can’t wait for eight more!
Proud Parent….hahahahahaha!

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