Mikey’s Surprise

The big 21. Finally being able to do all that you have been doing for the past few years, legally. Ha ha!  Zero had told Mikey they were headed to a bar to celebrate. Kat and Mikey’s mom have had this party planned for weeks. Kat’s closet full of decorations and boxes of beer.

Ari met up with me at my house, me not even dressed yet. I felt bad that I hopped into the shower as soon as she got there. Ari is already family, so she helped herself to pizza and started watching Goodfellas while I got ready. I arrived feeling good, let alone tall!


Kat, of course was still getting ready, it never fails, especially with a living room full of guests. I hurry into her room and help her tie her wedges. She looked so cute! Ari , Kat and I headed downstairs to the closest dead end and ended up having a little fun shoot in the middle of the street. After many phone calls, wondering if Jeanine was bringing Mikey over, he finally arrived and we all screamed SURPRISE! Throwing massive little star confetti at him. He then admitted into knowing something fishy was up. Especially since he noticed his mother’s car parked in front. He walked in and everyone bombarded  him at the doorway.

I was stuck on camera duty, and everyone wanted to take a pic with the birthday boy. He couldn’t even move, he was stuck in the doorway for about 15 minutes just posing! I invited a friend that I had made on Twitter and he was a perfect dance partner. Especially since I was suprised that they were playing spanish music. Like always, I was the first one to get up and start dancing, and Jesus was a trooper for embaarassing himself with me. A couple of drinks later everyone started to loosen a bit. Though they didn’t dance, everyone was running in an out of the porch to get some air. I managed to grabbed Set and pull her out to dance Salsa with me. Then I grabbed Paula, Kat’s mom and did the same. She insisted that she didn’t know how to dance, but she did pretty well. Jerm was next.

I spent most of my time in the kid’s room, playing with all the babies. Especially my goddaughter Jaela,which I don’t get too see that much. I had to take full advantage, I missed her so much. She’s getting so big and is starting to be a little chatterbox. Jesus brung his daughter, Liana. She was a little shy at first, but what a cutie…. once she loosened up I had her playing with all the kids. Later on she joined me on the dancefloor and showed us what she was working with. Way too cute!


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