Shopping for Tacos and Firsts

My mother had me on the hunt for a few things that needed to be sent to Dominican Republic. So a leopard belt and two Justin Bieber book-bags it was. I decided to go to Fordham since I didn’t feel like heading to the city, and met up with Jerm.

I personally don’t like shopping, I just like the : having new things : part of it all. I tend to get stressed out, plus I fall in love with way too many things. It’s been a long time since I been to Fordham, while I walked around I bumped into the mini sculpture on the concourse. Spray painted all silver. It was basically formed together from random pieces of , well anything, that was found in the Bronx. There was a fridge, bicycle, a barbie head in there, a guitar, headlights from a car, a male mannequin, a shopping cart, etc. I thought it was pretty cool, especially since it was in the middle of the crossway. Many people stopped by to look at it real quickly, while I just stood there trying to find new things in it. I’m pretty sure many thought I was a tourist. Oh well.

  I don’t know about you guys, but whenever food is involved, I get reeeeeaally happy. The fat ass little girl that lives inside me gets all giddy. We headed to a taco spot, one of my favorites, might I add. Tacos de pollo with everything on it, a lot of queso y crema. Jerm pussied out and ordered 2 tacos, while I ordered three.

While waiting for the food to arrive we got into the only embarrassing conversation about our first times. First tongue kisses and the first time we had sex. Definitely not food material conversation but it was so hilarious. I kept laughing so loud, some mexicans at another table kept grilling the shit out of me. He told me how his first kiss was with some tall girl and the whole idea of her spit in his mouth revolted his thoughts, he chugged down on some skittles and ended throwing up….hahhahaha… ( he’s gonna kill me ) While I told him how my first tongue kiss was with some older nerd who tried to a cop field and I ended up slapping him. I never did see him again, until this day actually, now that I think about it, I called him after that kiss and he didn’t pick up. hehehehe.                                                           . 

Once we got our food I splashed my tacos with some picante and drowned them in lemon. We continued our conversation, him telling me about the times he swore he was tupac, nose ring and bandana in tact… and we exchanged more stories about firsts. While I told him about my first time , how I was in my boyfriend’s house while nobody was home, and we covered ourselves with a quilt that apparently had a whole in it, which later on we found out was stuffed with quarters. So every time the top bunk bed moved, the quarters made noise, and we got so paranoid and had to stop every two minutes because we thought his mother had gotten home. hahahaha.

Today was a good day, I was stuffed, laughed a lot  and was exhausted. By the way, J didn’t even finish his plate, he left half a taco, while I ate all three and almost ate the plate by mistake.

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