American Museum of Natural History

I fell asleep at about 3 in the morning, knowing I had to be up at 6:30 am.

My sissy was packing and I tried to help the most that I could. She’s headed to Santo Domingo for a month, I couldn’t be more jealous.

In the morning, which was a surprise that I was up in the first place, I felt like shit.

Knowing I had a full day ahead, I really didn’t want to get up. I gave my sister many hugs and kisses and wished her a safe flight.

I know she was excited, I secretly wish she would’ve stuffed me in her luggage. I haven’t been to D.R. since I was 9 years old. I miss my family terribly.

I headed downtown and after a bus and two trains later, I met up with Ari and she was excited to get started. I’m not a morning person so I stayed quiet for a while until the drowziness faded away.

First stop the dinosaurs.

We decided to work our way down, starting at floor number four.

-The frog exhibit was first, These little cuties where so bright and beautiful. One of them even resembled Bubblebee from transformers. Don’t be fooled though, apparently these are the most dealiest creatures on Earth. Poison.

This guy was awesome, he was chilling with a grin on his face, without a care.

Ari was scared shitless of the huge squid, especially because there was no glass. She hid behind the pillar and I had to push her in front of the exhibit.

She was a good sport though…..awwww… look at her face!

All that walking had me exhausted, and the heat didn’t help…. but our day was just beginning. Ari and I headed to her house. She walked the dogs while I watched Caso cerrado with her grandmother. Then we headed back to my place, where I took a much needed nap. I wake up and walk outside, since I’m not a fan of looking out the window and Jerm is waiting for me. Captain America, The First Avenger it was.

I was not dissapointed…. I loved it!  The setting of course, if you guys don’t follow the comics, WW2… Straight up pin ups… I couldn’t get enough of it! And of course like all Marvel movies you have to wait until the credits are over… The trailer for the Avengers movie… I was jumping on my seat… It sucks that a year has to pass until it comes out..what a pity! I need more super hero movies in my life.

We ended the night with a feast…or should I say morning, 2: 30 in the mornign to be exactt. Ari and I got to work and it was yellow rice, breaded chicken cutlets, steak, totones and avocado. the guys were loving it, and I was stuffed. A glass of Moscato, and my day was officially over….


I’m pretty sure Ari is gonna beat my ass for that picture… everyone is knocked out, and it’s officially 8 in the morning. Goodnight all.


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