City Island with DC

We rolled deep.. But let me start at the beginning.

Original plan was to meet at Zero’ at 9’oclock. I arrived at 9:06 pm on the dot. Not worried, because knowing my team, they always take their time. Always late for everything.

Once I got there no one was home, so we, Ari and I headed to the laundromat, where Z and Kat was. Zj had the cutest new toy. Some X-men thumb wrestlers. How cute are they!? Me with my chubby little boy fingers.

Ari and decided to help fold clothes to speed up the process, which helped for the time being. We all headed to back to Z’s, and spent about an hour talking non-sense and taking back to back shots of E&J. Jaga and I had 5 shots and I hear Jerm being a  baby about shot number three.

We got there and ordered up… Jerm decided to plank on the table and Zj got excited and jumped on the table to attempt to do the same… waaaaay too cute!

We got up to pick up the food…I’m standing there waiting, along with everyone else, the place was packed. The guy behind the counter places the plate of food right in front of me…

I grabbed a french fry and start munching.. the guy next to me ( pic above) looks at me all crazy, and I’m completely lost as to why he’s staring at me… turns out that was his food I was eating!

I felt so bad! I kept apologizing, but I couldn’t help but keep laughing! Ari and Jerm were just picking on me, calling me a fatass, and saying how I gave people from the Bronx a bad name! Hey! It wasn’t my fault!

After all the shrimp, ribs, french fries ( mines this time! ), onion rings and pina coladas, we headed outside and started buggin out in front of the cars.

We all started throwing up tags on the cars that were filled with dust or mist.

I was trying to convince Blah to plank on top of the car, and he came out with the ” I’ll do it , if you do it.” So you know damn well I did it! Heels and all! Hey, at least my tush looks cute. he climb on top of the car after =] Good job Blah!

We headed to the point for a little while and got bored quickly, somehow everyone managed to bumrush the front of my house at 2:30 in the morning, all drunk and loud….

For some strange reason my mother was awake and we all start cracking jokes and even dance a little bachata in my living room, next stop Jerm’s house….Oh man, what a mess!

Everyone was all hyper and excited…Some how the magic boot appeared and everyone opened up some more!

We managed to  mix in about 6 beers of coronas and like 1/4 of Hennesy.

Jors passed out, hair braiding got started, blackbooks were being passed, and a lot screaming was involved. Mostly from me.

 Everyone bounced and some of decided to sleepover, since it was around 7 in the morning already. When we woke up, Jaga and I got crazy and made breakfast…. Oh, man! So good!

 Photographs by Misha Merino

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