DC Bbq

I have no idea how I managed to wake up so early, yet I did just that.

I called up J and he was already in Pelham Bay, grilling hotdogs and burgers.

I decided to troop it over there and pulled out my bike. My little pink Pt Cruiser.

I’m actually proud of myself, that was my work out for the day. I got there in 30 minutes, not bad.

As soon as I saw everyone, they’re all laughing at me and my pink bike… hilarious.

I started playing football with the guys, which I usually tend to do.

Jen, oh Jen… I give you so much props. Jen pulled out about 4 packs, you know the one from the supermarket, the yellow packs of chicken, out the grocery bag, she pulls out sazon and adobo…..que loca! I love her!

Of course S brung his boombox, that;s his baby, old school hip hop playing in the background.

I told myself I was dedicated to jump in the sprinklers today….

I didn’t though, even though after every other hour  I had on a different change of clothes.

I hogged the football most of the day, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was officially on baby duty.

My nieces are too adorable… and my nephew Zj is a different story all in itself.

I kept running around from the bbq to the park, chasing after babies…hehehehe.

Then I got creative and hooked Zj up with a few tattoos of his own =]

He loved it. Of course I had to invite Mini Kat into the equation, how adorable is she?

Who knows how we all ended up laying on top of each other! I felt bad for Ari, who was all the way at the bottom!

Ens, made a potato salad, I was impressed…while Jen made ensalada de pulpo, for those who don’t know, that’s octopus salad! It tasted better than it sounds, I swear!

Once it got dark, it didn’t mean we got tired. We packed everything up, the big discussion ended up being how I was getting home.

I insisted on riding my bike back home, which I was definitely willing to do…. but someone.. cough cough Jerm… wouldn’t let me.

I packed by blanket and bag put it in the basket in my bike… yes, don’t laugh! Then I ran away with my bike and decided to go for it…

Lucky for me, one of the guys has a pick up truck, so in went my bike, while I enjoyed the ride back home, No peddling needed.

We headed to Z’s house to continue all the craziness.

After a while the guys went to play basketball, yes at 2 in the morning..

So Kat and I munched on Pizza, and chick flicks it was…

Thank you to Ari and Mars for providing the photographs. Thank you to Ether for providing the matching tees. Thank you to J, for setting up a much needed gathering of friends.

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