Vandalirium ZERO OZBE MRS

Under the circumstances, I will  be taking a small break to mourn. The few following posts to come have been previously drafted and saved. I hope you guys enjoy for now and see you guys soon. Much love, Minxie


As you all know, Friday was the artshow. Artists: Zero, Ozbe & Mrs.


Kat and I spent the beginning of the day, running around like chickens with our heads cut off, doing errands before we had to get ready. The guys ( Zero and Ozbe ) were already at the show, preparing.

We started the night  with a bottle of Henny to prepare for the festivities.

            As soon as we walked in, colors everywhere… I loved the environment.


I was lucky enough to have seen some of Zero’s work before the show, watching him hard at work day and night, while I hung out at his house.

           Seeing them fully developed and surrounded by all the other materials made them complete, beautiful.

I had a friend of mine join me and be my arm candy for the night, so we caught up since it’s been so long.

263045_209209812449853_100000825084402_484724_3602595_n          Of course you know I had to invite kash ( Teekayelle) and Melissa ( Mheartstar )

264299_209208149116686_100000825084402_484674_5770476_n            I haven’t had the chance to see them in awhile and what better way to unite my two different clicks together.

           They’re all talented too…. this was way long overdue!

Seeing all these artists together, all different styles, gets me motivated to paint, do something drastic.

            We drank the night away, laughed as we always do.

            I’m extremely proud of my team and what they have accomplished.


I hope you guys all make it to the closing reception… July 8th. Until next time, Minxie

    All but two photographs by Misha Merino

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