Nieces & Meander

                                       My beautiful Nieces Jaela and Jolie.


After a long day at the beach, cuddling with these two was all I needed.

All of us tore up, after running around and sweating all day under the sun I arrived at my boy house to celebrate Ar’s birthday.

            Some of the best and appreciated pleasures in life are simply being surrounded by people who care about you as much as you care for them.

            We all headed to Z’s afterwards, watched some creepy movie titled” Jenifer” about a hot bodied carnivore with a tore up face who seduced and fucked men into caring for her. She ends up killing/eating cats, neighbors until the guy is sick of it and decides to kill her.

           Somehow we ended up playing word games in the living room, which were hilarious. Someone starts with a word and has to say another word that rhymes. Another was you start with one word and say the first thing that comes into mind. Most which were randomly idiotic like pizza with squirrel toppings or screaming at a cop to get the plunger.

           All I know is, whenever we around each other, there’s always a story to tell & laugh about.

photographed by  Misha Merino

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