Mermaid Parade

The plan was to wake up early, head down to Coney Island all dressed up in Mermaid attire.

With the crazy night we had before at the artshow, I didn’t see that happening.

At 12pm I forced myself out of bed, telling myself I didn’t want to miss this. I definitely didn’t want to wait another year for  me to see the big fuss.

Kat and I met up with Ari and the long train ride began. When we stepped foot into the train cart, we saw two big black bags, taped up in a corner…”If you see something say something” right? No one seemed to know anything.

After about 10 stops later some older takes the bags, looks at us and smiles. We all looked at each other on cue and started to crack up.

Once we got there, the place was packed… you would’ve thought they were giving away free money or something.

We waited about 10 minutes to cross the street, and were relieved once we made it to the side where the boardwalk was. “whew”

This beautiful couple was Just Married,  and what a sight these two were, people were throwing roses, flowers everywhere….they were just too cute!

The girls and I just started pointing away, looking at all these colorful costumes.

What imagination and creativity, I swear!

At this point, I was regretting not getting all crazy and dressed up.

There was even mutants … check out Magneto and Mystique !

I thought it was so funny how the people that were IN the parade, kept stopping to look at the guy who was next to me, all nonchalant, while he held a snake and two iguanas on his shoulder.

A little short while after the parade was finished, but that didn’t stop us and the people from the parade to start walking on the sand and jump  in the water~

Ari didn’t even pack a bathing suit! shame on you!

There’s so many more pictures that are missing, and those will come soon.

Next year I’ll have a killer costume…. just watch.

photographed by Misha Merino

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