Beach MSC DC IBUS Style

After we all fell asleep at about 6 am, it was decided that to the beach was. Brighton.


After all of the running around, 10 am was the original set time…. knowing us, we all left at 1pm. Yeah, I know.

So chocha beach it was. Not like we were getting in that water anyway, ugh, nasty.

Somehow, went it came for time to eat, I ended up being the kitchen table. ( shrugs shoulders )


I’m pretty much used to random things happening around my team.

Oh, you didn’t know Kat had some football skills? Ha!

Of course S, never leaves the house without his boombox, so old school hip hop all the way. Then I got him to play a little salsa for Jen and I to dance to.

When we got back home AR had given Zero his nintendo, the gray and purple one, he was addicted.

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