Little Italy

Normally, I would be stuck at work at this moment. Since I got stuck told to go home I decided to enjoy my Friday off, especially since that never happens. I called up the bestie and Ari met me at Canal Street. The plan was for me to go buy some new jewelry for the hole in my face, and then we would return to the Bronx to run a few errands. The day definitely did not go as planned.

After I bought a few nose rings and plugs for my ears, I walked into a little clothing shop across from Pearl Paint and decided to shop, buying myself a cute little tee. We decided to go bother my father at work since he was so close by.

When I was younger my mother used to work in a little cafe/bakery on Mulberry Street. I used to come with her to work sometimes and help her wait the tables. The employees and her employer basically watched me grow up. Even after she stopped working there, since my father was close I always did a little stop and said hello.

Ari and I walked in and I noticed my mother’s old boss right away. White hair and the sweetest Italian man ever. I walked up to Frank and gave him a hug with a peck on the cheek. Him telling me, how big I’ve gotten and asking how my mother is doing. After the small talk Ari and I sat down, got a  menu and ordered.

My favorite, which I always order is the hot chocolate. I have never came across a hot chocolate that was better than this one, that didn’t need any fixing or adding of sugars needed. We also ordered strawberry cheesecake, which was absolutely delicious.

After we finished, I got up to pay the bill, making small talk with the baristas, who I’ve also known from when I was younger. The food was on the house. Frank was a dear. As I said my thank you’s, I gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

Ari and decided to walk to soho, taking our time, walking through Mulberry, where she noticed a church she wanted to take pictures of, while across the street I noticed a Mobster’s museum that was taking place.

We walk inside and the main attraction is Joe Gallo. Also known as ” Crazy Joey” and “Joe the Blond”. One of the most known gangsters from New York City. The guide who attended us explained to us, that some of the scenes from famous mob movies where taken out of Gallo’s life. The whole sleeping with the fishes thing and the whole bust in the club was all real. My eyes were wide open and I wanted to learn more.

We stepped out and continued to walk, walking through a small festival near Mott Avenue. There was old little men all dressed alike playing trumpets and drums, in front of what happened to be Saint Anthony.

( all pictures by Misha Merino )

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