Nice Guy Eddie


After a long day … I hit up my bestie.Ari picked me up from work, which I always looooove. We decided to go surprise Frank at work and go to a bar for a quick drank after.

Frank is a chef, but what sucks is… he gets  no reception in the kitchen while at work… so the detectives that Ari and I are…googled the number and called his job…oh man… we felt horrible after… we didn’t even think about the possibility of getting him in trouble.


We felt shitty, he said to go anyway, he needed a drink regardless.. we hopped in a cab and headed that way… little did we know that we had the most fucked up illiterate cabbie. What a fucking douche. First he tells us he doesn’t take card. So we say fine, we’re getting out… oh no, i have an atm… really dude? you have an atm inside a yellow cab? what a trip? all of a sudden his credit card machine works. (-______- )that was my face.


Then after swiping he had the nerve to not give us a reciept, claiming that both merchant and customer copies where to stay with him….I swear he must’ve thought Ari and I were tourist of some sort, we both looked at each other and I had the opportunity to take some of my stress out and curse him the fuck out.


We walked since the weather was a-fucking-mazing, me drooling over all the graffiti, but that’s not new. The pic above was soooo cute. It was a silent film being projected on the side of a building, how adorable. The bar was called “Nice Guy Eddie’s ” on the Lower East Side. Frank’s favorite bar.

Ari and I are fools, as always…. We decided to get pizza and get fat for a little while, being super ghetto and bringing the pie to the bar.. pizza and beer.. what a lovely mix. Frank was a sweetheart as always, and he picked a good spot.

The place was nice and calm, us laughing the night away… I stepped into the bathroom and fell in love, pin up girl clippings surrounding the walls… oh what a beauty… especially with a few graffiti touches.


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